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Welcome to Nittany Cabinets

Bring your dream kitchen to life with the help of our trustworthy & experienced team.

Custom-designed kitchen cabinets create warmth inside the heart of your home.

Cabinets built here in central PA, from PA hardwood, by central PA people!

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Kitchen Cabinet Build Quality


We will help you define your goals & visualize your design ideas. Our cabinets are built by central Pennsylvania craftsmen and are designed to last 25-30 years!  Our cabinets feature:

  • doors, drawers, and frames made of PA hardwood 

  • dovetail drawer boxes made of wood

  • cabinet boxes built using plywood

  • soft close hinges

  • under-mount soft close drawer glides

A Place for everything

Our story

Based in State College, PA; Michael Powers and Bud Price started Nittany Cabinets with the focus of ensuring your overall experience is positive and adds to the value of your home project.

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Reasons Why The Kitchen is the Heart of the Home


The kitchen is considered the heart of the house because it is where the family begins the day and ends the day together.  The most important things in a house flow through the vessels of the house to its heart.  The kitchen is where big decisions are made, comfort is provided, honest conversations are had, and friendships and love are deepened.  Let’s check this year’s best kitchen appliance brands


If your think about it, really think about it, your kitchen is the lifeblood of your home and family.  It is the lifeblood because of not only filling your family with nutritious food but also emotional nutrition for our souls.  Here are some reasons why the kitchen is the heart of every home:


Obviously, first and foremost, the kitchen is where the food is made

The kitchen is where individual ingredients are combines to make delicious tasting and smelling food.  The smell is what attracts family members out of their rooms to gather in the kitchen but it is the taste that keeps them coming back.  It is said that the path to a person’s heart is through their stomach.  You may be interested in 10 best kitchen remodeling ideas to renovate your kitchen


The kitchen is a daily destination for everyone in the household

The family starts their day with a trip into the kitchen – whether it is to sit down and have a big breakfast or to grab a fresh cup of coffee.  The kitchen starts the day for the family.  The kitchen is typically one of the first stops when we return home.  We hang our keys, check the refrigerator, grab a quick snack, or just relax on a kitchen stool at the kitchen island to change from work and school mode to family time.  Let’s see some small kitchen design ideas


Childhood memories are made in the kitchen

The kitchen is where the family grows.  Some of the best family memories are associated with the kitchen.  Everyone can remember their mother pulling that huge perfectly cooked Thanksgiving turkey from the oven.  The sight of the golden crispy skin blanketed in seasonings and steam rising from the hot stuffing inside.  The smell – the smell that makes your eyes grow larger and your appetite more intense.  Or a memory of a freshly baked pie being gently lifted off the oven rake.  The fruit filling bubbling from the edges of the crust.  Most, children remember licking the frosting from the mixer blades and how it felt a little naughty but tasted extra sweet.  Try some of these dessert Recipes by Joanna Gaines and Magnolia Network


The Kitchen is where work gets done

The kitchen is where the family comes together to work.  Our first chores as children typically involved helping mom or dad in the kitchen.  Whether that involved putting groceries away or cleaning dishes, it is where our work ethic started.  Some of us grew from dishwasher to onion and vegetable chopper and then finally to assistant chef.  Review A List of Brilliant Ideas for Chores for Kids | GoStudent | GoStudent


Kitchen bonding time

The kitchen is where everyone in the family gathers to eat food and share the day’s events.  In some family, each member shares their day’s highs and lows.  The kitchen is where conversations happen and the young and old get to know each other more and more each day.


Kitchens help create healthy lifestyles

Many lifestyle professionals and human behavior researchers believe that the kitchen plays the most important role in creating a healthy lifestyle.

A survey run by the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University states that children who eat homemade food with their families on a regular basis, received higher grades and were overall happier than those who were not that lucky to get this chance.  Breaking bread with your children is a responsibility parent cannot neglect Online-only: Report: Teens who often eat dinner with family less likely to drink, smoke or use drugs | The Nation's Health (


The kitchen is becoming the new living room in the house

Designers and builders are building and remodeling homes with kitchens as living spaces in mind.  The open concept erases the barriers between rooms and better accommodate family and friends for social gatherings.  The best ROI home improvements – get the biggest return on your investment | Homes & Gardens (


Kitchens create artists

Kitchens allow adults to enhance their cooking skills and it allows our children to learn the art of cooking.  There is no right or wrong to cooking only how it tastes.  To be an artist you must be creative and who doesn’t want their family to be creative.  Start enjoying your kitchen more.

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